Welcome to Love of Weaving

Beautiful custom made one of a kind cushions

Love of Weaving is a boutique cushion company founded in 2018 by Melbourne based designer Dalia Holsman.

Offering two ranges, Dalia uses her loom and traditional Japanese techniques to weave unique and inspiring pieces that add that special something to your home.

Fur-baby cushions

Fur-baby cushions are lovingly made using fur from your pet so that they can stay with you long after they’ve gone. Hand crafted and custom designed, these one of a kind pieces are a wonderful, elegant way to curl up on the couch with your pet and remember the joyful moments they’ve brought to your life.

Creative Cushions

Integrating rare environmentally sourced yarns, silks and materials, these one of a kind cushions add an elegant touch to any living room or bedroom. Ranging from soft subdued tones to bright splashes of colour, these stunning statement pieces add that special something to any room!