Our Story

I remember as an 11 year old, attending my first class in weaving. The art room was filled with cones of wool, silk and cotton, all in such beautiful and vibrant colours. That day, I created my first piece of woven art; a little rug.  

Little did I know that 45 years later this memory would reignite my passion and lead me to once again immerse myself in creativity and to play with so many colours and textiles. A few years ago, I was introduced to Saori, a style of Japanese freelance weaving. Walking into my new mentor’s studio brought back that special memory of my childhood self sitting at the loom. The room was filled with such beauty and art. Each piece was like no other. Silk, cotton and wool cones were neatly displayed on the walls in every colour you could dream of. I named it my dream studio. I could hear my childhood self calling out, wanting to play and to create. 

A year later, my birthday present from my husband arrived. My loom, warp and  threads all from Japan. Since then, I have been making cushions, wall hangings and table runners which are displayed throughout my home. I am renowned for my focus on colour and inventive use of materials and each piece is unique and made with love in my Melbourne studio. My pieces are inspired by nature, animals and my dearest friendships, making each creative process both very personal and rewarding. The colours of the ocean, the soft touch of my daughter’s rabbit, the strength of a close friend, all of these are sources of inspiration for my designs. 

Love of weaving came about from my passion to be creative, reconnect to my inner child and add colour into my home. My wish for you is that each piece will bring you much joy, comfort, and creativity into your home too. 

x Love Dalia

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