About the artist

Dalia Holsman

Love of Weaving came about from Dalia’s passion to be creative and reconnect with her inner child. It was to take 45 years for this passion to reignite.

In 2015, Dalia discovered Saori, a wonderfully creative Japanese style of freelance weaving.

Walking into her mentor’s studio brought back many special childhood memories of how much she had previously enjoyed weaving.

The studio was filled with amazing beauty and art. Each piece like no other. Silk, cotton and wool cones were neatly displayed on the walls in every color imaginable. It was Dalia’s dream studio.

This was the start of her ongoing journey into designing handwoven art. Dalia’s inspiration comes from nature, animals and colors, creating unique artistic pieces that are not seen on anyone else’s sofa.

Her range includes bespoke woven cushions that are created from pet fur which has been gently combed and collected after grooming.

Today, this is Dalia’s main focus. She designs and produces a unique selection of Fur Baby Cushions to bring pet owners an artistic work of beauty to honour and cherish their pet’s memory long after they are gone.

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