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About fur-ever cushions

Keep your precious pet’s memory alive with our beautiful, custom made cushions woven with your pet’s fur.


  • Cover material: Cotton, Fur, Silk, Velvet, Wool
  • Fill material: Feather

How we make the cushion

Our pets are our companions and come into our lives to make families complete.

Remember your pet forever.

Most of us have lots of beautiful and happy photos of our pets, but nothing compares to the feeling of holding a cushion that has been made with fur from your beloved pet.

I am a weaver of Saori (a Japanese style of weaving) and use a unique skill by taking fur collected (brushed or shaved) from animals made into yarn, and intuitively weave a unique creation of your beloved pet.

The best time to collect the fur is now when your precious pet is energetic, healthy and happy. The second best time is when your pet is getting older. You realise that time is running out and a uniquely crafted pet fur cushion will be a beautiful keepsake.

There are multiple steps and lots of love that go into making your pet’s fur baby cushion. Three people are involved in this work of love and creativity.

The Spinner
Our spinner starts the process, spending an average of 8 hours preparing the yarn. Disentangling, separating, cleaning and fluffing the fur in preparation for spinning. The spinning itself is done by hand, using a wooden spinning wheel. The fibres are twisted and wound onto a bobbin. The result is a continuous length of yarn. .The yarn is then bundled, ready to be hand washed in hot water and dried.

The Weaver
Weaving the yarn also has multiple steps and can take up to 15 hours. The first step is making a warp of 250 threads. The warp is then wound onto the loom and positioned for weaving. Weaving then begins and once completed, your very special woven pet memories are carefully cut from the loom.

Our Stitching Expert
Stitching your woven piece into a cushion is a precise, meticulous task of 2 hours. The correct inner cushion is chosen. Optimal fabric colour and texture for the backing are selected to match your woven work of art. Your cushion is then lovingly stitched to give you a highly professional, unique work of art that you will treasure for years to come.

Please Note:
Fur needs to be at least 5 centimetres long
Minimum weight is 250 gram. This amount should fill a medium-size rubbish bag. (The more the better).
Fur needs to be clean.
Cushion dimensions: 40cm x 50cm
filling: Duck feathers
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
The woven cushion top and bottom borders will be tones of the colour of your pet fur.


To enquire about a fur-ever cushion, please contact us using the contact us form or by email to dalia@loveofweaving.com.

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