Weaving Memories of Your Precious Pet

LoW2019_IBS_002.tifWhat do pets and weaving have in common?

For those of us whose pets have departed, this passionate and talented woman has an unusual and tangible way for pet owners to enjoy their companion’s memories.

Carol, one of Dalia’s many clients wrote “My poodle Custard was a member of the family, a constant companion, healer and faithful guardian. He was there for me during my challenging emotional times”. Carol went on to say that “she is so grateful that she now has a tangible and comforting fur baby cushion that supports and reinforces the memories of her precious pet.”

Dalia, a weaver of Saori (a Japanese style of weaving), uses her unique skill by taking collected fur from animals made into yarn, and intuitively weaves a unique creation thinking of a loved pet.

Understanding that fellow animal lovers would enjoy her tenderly crafted cushions, Dalia takes great care to obtain the chosen fibre, collecting sustainably from gently combed and groomed pets, minimizing animal stress.

Her own rabbits and dogs provided her first fibre. Since then, Dalia has used unusual fibres such as Samoyed, black Poodle and Angora rabbit, combined with silks and cottons in stunning colours. Now she makes cushions from all types of animals that have the required length of fur for spinning.

Dalia believes she is the only weaver to use fur this way. Following no pattern, she creates her cushions using her instinct and intuition for colour and texture, her love of animals, and her superlative weaving skills to fashion comforting keepsakes for any pet owner.  For more information regarding Dalia’s bespoke weavings,


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